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This is We are an online coupons web site that has free printable coupons. We are focused on Bloor Street West Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Subway

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Welcome to The Bloor News Paper

We are local community newspaper printing 20,000 copies per issue in the Bloor West area.


























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We are an online coupons web site that has free printable coupons. We are focused on Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Like a coupon book this is canadian coupons only. These free discount coupons are from store coupons in the Bloor west area. We have put them into categories: grocery coupons, food coupons, pizza coupons, restaurant coupons, Ice Cream, Bicycle, Eyeglasses, Pet Food, Hair Salon, Subway and store coupon.  As we have other areas of interest we also have free printable coupons for other business that do not fit into the above categories.  Try deals and promotions in this section. Fast Food.

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